Peter O’Toole Dead at Age 81

Legendary actor Peter O’Toole passed away peacefully in a hospital in London, on Saturday, at age 81 after battling a long illness.

I remember O’Toole for two roles in particular. Of course, the title role in “Lawrence of Arabia”, a role which garnered him his first Oscar nomination in 1962. The movie is an amazing epic that many modern directors still study to this day often for its sweeping panoramic views, exciting action scenes, and of course, O’Toole’s acting.

My other favorite O’Toole film is “Venus” from 2006. This film with O’Toole playing an elderly man who falls for a much younger woman, which garnered his final Oscar nomination. It’s quite amazing. I was blown away, not only by O’Toole’s acting, but the story as well, which seemed so realistic and moving.

O’Toole had been nominated eight times for an Academy Award, but never won until receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003, saying, “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride my foot!”

Modern audiences probably know O’Toole best for voicing the character Anton Ego, the restaurant critic in the Pixar film “Ratatouille”.

It’s always sad losing someone in the movie industry, especially a beloved and esteemed actor such as O’Toole. O’Toole lived a great and long life, leaving behind a filmography of historic and memorable of films that should be the envy of most any actor, and entertainment for all of us to enjoy forever.

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