WordPress Spam Help?

Okay, SO, we’re getting ready to REVAMP the Cinemaniacs Podcast, and as you can see, our site has been inundated with spam. I’ve got it under control now, so that no new stuff should come through, but in the meantime, I want to get rid of the old spam. Thousands of messages! Anyone out there familiar with WordPress and can give any advice, tips, etc. on gettin’ rid of it more easily than Bulk Delete twenty at a time, please let us know!


Soon, you will hear what we think of Iron Man 3 with the return to movies of writer/director Shane Black; Why Walt loves the Fast and Furious movies so much (just the last few); and what our most anticipated movie(s) of the summer are.. with surprises!


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{ EDIT::  Okay! We’ve got the spam under control.. Unfortunately, it deleted a lot of real comments, as well. That is reallyREALLY unfortunate, we have so many great fans that have stuck with us through our “hiatus”. Well, the good news is Facebook comments are still there. Post here, post there, and you’ll be hearing from us real soon!  ~ Walt }

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