Cinemaniacs Episode 1

Finally, it’s here!
The very first episode of the Cinemaniacs..

Yet, on a sad note, actor Heath Ledger passed away.. Walt and Jeff revisit his short but very notable movie career.

 Walt and Jeff then talk about the Saw movies (which Jeff had never seen before until now). They then go on to talk about the Academy Awards, specifically the Supporting Actor and Actress nominees.

Finally, they talk a bit about the new DVDs coming out, especially the Blu-rays, since it’s becoming quickly apparent that Blu-ray is going to win the Hi-Def DVD format war.
Of course, this is all spattered about with the usual banter and “What the heck happened to that guy?!”


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  1. Episode 2 is in the can and should be online later this week.
    3 and 4 should follow right away, with number 5 being recorded Sunday night.

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