Cinemaniacs Beta Episode

Here is our Beta Episode.Still working out the bugs a bit (sound quality), but the content is there.Walt, Jeff, and John review the films OldBoy, Bullitt, and Reign Over Me.They go on to review a list of the Cannes Film Festival Grand Prix winners, Adam Sandler/Robin Williams’ comedy/drama careers which makes John try to convince them to watch License to Wed. Then he gushes about Paz Vega and dares them to see 10 Items or Less.Walt is really looking for a DVD Review website that lists what is the difference in each of the Unrated DVDs versus the Rated R/Theatrical cuts. If you know of one, let us know.Be sure to leave us feedback. Your comments help us get better. If you don’t like something, tell us. If you do like us, tell [email protected]

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  1. Daddy, this was a very funny episode.
    you can hear jake, though; but i know that it was a first so it’s okay.
    Let’s have more!!!

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